Ornstein-Weiss lemma

Let G be a group. For a fixed KG, define the K-boundary of UG as

KU={gGKgU,Kg(GU)}. (1)

Let 𝒫(G) be the set of finite subsets of G. Call a Følner net for G a net 𝒳={Xi}i𝒫(G), being a directed set, such that for every finite KG,

limi|KXi||Xi|=0, (2)

where the limit is taken in the sense of directed sets. Recall that G has a Følner net if and only if G is amenable.

Theorem 1 (Ornstein-Weiss lemma)

Let G be an amenable group and F:PF(G)R a subadditive, right-invariant function, that is:

  1. 1.

    For any two finite subsets U,V of G,

    F(UV)F(U)+F(V). (3)
  2. 2.

    For any gG and finite UG,

    F(Ug)=F(U). (4)

Then for any Følner net X={Xi}iI on G, the limit

L=limiF(Xi)|Xi| (5)

exists, and does not depend on the choice of X.

The Ornstein-Weiss lemma allows to prove variants of Birkhoff’s ergodic theorem for actions of amenable groups, rather than only those generated by an invertiblePlanetmathPlanetmath, measure invariant map. Moreover, it shares several similarities with Fekete’s lemma on subadditive functions over the positive integers, although it is not a completePlanetmathPlanetmath counterpart. In fact, putting Xn={1,,n} determines a Følner sequence on ; however, if f:[0,) is subadditive, then F(U)=f(|U|) is right-invariant, but not necessarily subadditive. (Counterexample: f(n)=nmod 2, U={1,2}, V={2,3}.)


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