Plücker’s conoid

Plücker’s conoid is a ruled surfaceMathworldPlanetmath that results from taking a straight line connected to an axis, rotating it about that axis and moving it straight up and down the axis to give the desired number of folds. Being an example of a right conoid, Plücker’s conoid is sometimes called a conical wedgeMathworldPlanetmath, or a conocuneus of Wallis or even a cylindroid.

The Cartesian equation for a conoid with two folds is z=x2-y2x2+y2. This can be generalized to any desired number n of folds as x(r,θ)=rcosθ, y(r,θ)=rsinθ and z(r,θ)=csin(nθ). Plücker’s conoid has applications in mechanical drafting.


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