product of left and right ideal

Let π”ž and π”Ÿ be ideals of a ring R.  Denote by  π”žβ’π”Ÿβ€‰ the subset of R formed by all finite sums of productsPlanetmathPlanetmath a⁒b with  aβˆˆπ”žβ€‰ and  bβˆˆπ”Ÿ.  It is straightforward to verify the following facts:

  • β€’

    If π”ž is a left ( and π”Ÿ a right idealMathworldPlanetmath, π”žβ’π”Ÿβ€‰ is a two-sided ideal of R.

  • β€’

    If both π”ž and π”Ÿ are two-sided ideals, then  π”žβ’π”ŸβŠ†π”žβˆ©π”Ÿ.

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