product rule

The product ruleMathworldPlanetmath states that if f: and g: are functions in one variable both differentiableMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath at a point x0, then the derivativeMathworldPlanetmath of the product of the two functions, denoted fg, at x0 is given by



See the proof of the product rule (

0.1 Generalized Product Rule

More generally, for differentiable functions f1,f2,,fn in one variable, all differentiable at x0, we have


Also see Leibniz’ rule (


The derivative of xln|x| can be found by application of this rule. Let f(x)=x,g(x)=ln|x|, so that f(x)g(x)=xln|x|. Then f(x)=1 and g(x)=1x. Therefore, by the product rule,

ddx(xln|x|) = f(x)g(x)+f(x)g(x)
= xx+1ln|x|
= ln|x|+1
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