projective variety

Given a homogeneous polynomialMathworldPlanetmath F of degree d in n+1 variablesMathworldPlanetmath X0,,Xn and a point [x0::xn], we cannot evaluate F at that point, because it has multiple such representations, but since F(λx0,,λxn)=λdF(x0,,xn) we can say whether any such representation (and hence all) vanish at that point.

A projective variety over an algebraically closed field k is a subset of some projective spaceMathworldPlanetmath kn over k which can be described as the common vanishing locus of finitely many homogeneous polynomials with coefficientsMathworldPlanetmath in k, and which is not the union of two such smaller loci. Also, a quasi-projective variety is an open subset of a projective variety.

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