proof of fundamental theorem of algebra (due to Cauchy)

We will prove that any equation

f(z):=zn+a1zn-1+a2zn-2++an-1z+an= 0,

where the coefficients aj are complex numbersMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath and  n1,  has at least one root ( in .

Proof.  We can suppose that  an0.  Denote  z:=x+iy  where  x,y are real.  Then the function


is defined and continuousMathworldPlanetmath in the whole 2.  Let  c:=j=1n|aj|; it is positive.  Using the triangle inequalityMathworldMathworldPlanetmath we make the estimation

|f(z)| =|z|n|1+a1z+a2z2++anzn|

being true for  |z|>max{1, 2c}.  Denote  r:=max{1, 2c,2|an|n}.  Consider the disk  x2+y2r2.  Because it is compact, the function  g(x,y)  attains at a point  (x0,y0)  of the disk its absolute minimum value (infimum) in the disk.  If  |z|>r,  we have

g(x,y)=|f(z)|12|z|n>12rn12(2|an|n)n=|an|> 0.


g(x0,y0)g(0, 0)=|an|<|f(z)|for|z|>r.

Hence g(x0,y0) is the absolute minimum of g(x,y) in the whole complex planeMathworldPlanetmath.  We show that  g(x0,y0)=0.  Therefore we make the antithesis that  g(x0,y0)>0.

Denote  z0:=x0+iy0,   z:=z0+u  and


Then  bn=f(z0)0  by the antithesis.  Moreover, denote

cj:=bjbn(j= 1, 2,,n),c0:=1bn.

and assume that  cn-1=cn-2==cn-k+1=0  but  cn-k0.  Thus we may write


If  cn-k=p(cosα+isinα)  and  u=ϱ(cosφ+isinφ), then


by de Moivre identityMathworldPlanetmath.  Choosing  ϱ1  and  φ=π-αk  we get  cn-kuk=-pϱk  and can make the estimation


where R is a constant.  Let now  ϱ=min{1,1pk,p2R}.  We obtain

|f(z)| =|bn||1-pϱk+h(u)|

which result is impossible since |f(z0| was the absolute minimum.  Consequently, the antithesis is wrong, and the proof is settled.

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