right hand rule

The right hand rule for computing the Riemann integral abf(x)𝑑x is


If the Riemann integral is considered as a measureMathworldPlanetmath of area under a curve, then the expressions f(a+j(b-an)) the of the rectangles, and b-an is the common of the rectangles.

The Riemann integral can be approximated by using a definite value for n rather than taking a limit. In this case, the partitionPlanetmathPlanetmath is {[a,a+b-an),,[a+(b-a)(n-1)n,b]}, and the function is evaluated at the endpoints of each of these intervals. Note that this is a special case of a right Riemann sum (http://planetmath.org/RightRiemannSum) in which the xj’s are evenly spaced.

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