second derivative as simple limit

If the real function f is twice differentiableMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath in a neighbourhood of  x=x0,  then

f′′(x0)=limh0f(x0+2h)-2f(x0+h)+f(x0)h2. (1)

Proof.  The right hand side of the asserted equation is of the indeterminate form 00.  Using’Hôpital’s rule, we obtain

limh0f(x0+2h)-2f(x0+h)+f(x0)h2 =limh0f(x0+2h)2-2f(x0+h)2h-f(x0)h+f(x0)h
= 2lim2h0f(x0+2h)-f(x0)2h-limh0f(x0+h)-f(x0)h
= 2f′′(x0)-f′′(x0)
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