square root of polynomial

The   f,  denoted by f, is any polynomialPlanetmathPlanetmath g having the square  g2 equal to f.  For example,  9x2-30x+25=3x-5 or -3x+5.

A polynomial needs not have a square root, but if it has a square root g, then also the opposite polynomial -g is its square root.

AlgorithmMathworldPlanetmath.  The idea of the squaring


(see the square of sum) gives a method for getting the square root of a polynomial:

  • The .

  • And so on.

In the examples below, on the .

Example 1.9x4+6x3-11x2-4x+4= ?

(9x4 +6x3 -11x2 -4x +4) = ± (3x2 +x -2)
9x4 3x2
6x3 -11x2 6x2 +x
6x3 +x2 x
-12x2 -4x +4 6x2 +2x -2
-12x2 -4x +4 -2

Example 2.x6-2x5-x4+3x2+2x+1= ?

(1 +2x +3x2 -x4 -2x5 +x6) = ± (1 +x +x2 -x3)
1 1
2x +3x2 2 +x
2x +x2 +x
2x2 -x4 2 +2x +x2
2x2 +2x3 +x4 x2
-2x3 -2x4 -2x5 +x6 2 +2x +2x2 -x3
-2x3 -2x4 -2x5 +x6 -x3

Remark.  The procedure may give a Taylor series expansion of the square root, if it is not a polynomial.  E.g. we get



  • 1 Meyers Rechenduden.  Erster verbesserter Neudruck.  Bibliographisches Institut AG, Mannheim (1960).
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