A superscript is a symbol or group of symbols written above, and usually a bit to the right, of another symbol or group of symbols in order to show a relationMathworldPlanetmath among the two. The most common use of superscripts in mathematics is for notating exponentiationMathworldPlanetmath. For example, in the expression 47, the 7 is a superscript to the 4. Iterated sum and productMathworldPlanetmath notation also uses superscripts most of the time, to show the iterator end values, and the same goes for integral notation. Notation of iterated functions also benefit from using superscripts to cut down on nested parentheses, e.g., f3(x)=f(f(f(x))); examples of iterated functions include the iterated totient function ϕi(n) and iterated sum of divisors function σi(n). The contravariant indices of tensors are also denoted by superscripts.

Nonfiction literature in general uses number superscripts to indicate footnotes with the corresponding numbers. This usage is often avoided in mathematical books and papers to prevent possible confusion with exponentiation.

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