Tatyana Pavlovna van Aardenne-Ehrenfest

Tatyana Pavlovna van Aardenne-Ehrenfest, nèe Tatyana Pavlovna Ehrenfest (1905 - 1984) Dutch mathematician, best known for her collaboration on the BEST theorem (together with Nicolaas Govert de Bruijn, Cedric Smith and Bill Tutte).

The eldest daughter of Paul Ehrenfest and Tatyana Afanasyeva, young Tatyana Pavlovna was home-schooled at first with a solid background in physics and mathematics. She continued studying these subjects at the University of Leiden, where she later taught and where her father had taught in the past. Unlike her mother, Tatyana Pavlovna added her husband’s last name to her own when she married the surgeon Dr. van Aardenne and bore him Gijs van Aardenne, who would later become a prominent politician in the Dutch parliament.

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