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Suppose X is a set and f a complex ( functionf:X.  Then a zero of f is an elementxX  such that  f(x)=0.  It is also said that f vanishes at x.

The zero set of f is the set


Remark. When X is a “simple” space, such as or a zero is also called a root.  However, in pure mathematics and especially if Z(f) is infiniteMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath, it seems to be customary to talk of zeroes and the zero set instead of roots.


  • For any z, define z^:X by z^(x)=z. Then Z(0^)=X and Z(z^)= if z0.

  • Suppose p is a polynomialPlanetmathPlanetmath (  p:  of degree n1.  Then p has at most n zeroes. That is, |Z(p)|n.

  • If f and g are functions f:X and g:X, then

    Z(fg) = Z(f)Z(g),
    Z(fg) Z(f),

    where fg is the function  xf(x)g(x).

  • For any f:X, then


    where fn is the defined fn(x)=(f(x))n.

  • If f and g are both real-valued functions, then

  • If X is a topological spaceMathworldPlanetmath and f:X is a function, then the supportMathworldPlanetmath ( of f is given by:


    Further, if f is continuousMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath, then Z(f) is closed ( in X (assuming that is given the usual topology of the complex plane where {0} is a closed set).

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