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terms from foreign languages used in mathematics (page images version)

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Once I started playing around with the "terminology used in foreign languages" entry to make it more readable in page images mode, I found that trying to edit it in this matter made the html mode viewing look worse. Thus, I decided to create a totally different entry. On my end, there are still things wrong with it. (For instance, after "sine qua non", I cannot see any of the rest of the Latin chart; the German chart begins.) I have made this object world-editable so that yark and other "pages images people" can edit this to make it look better. I hope that this helps make everyone happy.


When I view this entry in page images mode, the Latin chart is cut off somewhere around "sine qua non". Is this true for other people also? Does someone know how to fix this?


Exactly the same for me. I think the flaw fixes it in time...

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