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isoperimetric inequality

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I think this entry needs to be re-written somewhat. It contains an undefined term, "figure", in two crucial places (e.g. first sentence). Presumably, continuous "curve" (f : [a, b] --> IR^2, oo \le a < b \le oo) is meant. Also, it is unclear if the inequality is valid for any rectifiable plane curve (including even "curves" continuous only a.e.). In most presentations in books, the curve is assumed to be C^1 or at least piecewise differentiable.

i agree about clarifying the term figure. I guess it's no curve, but a compact subset homeomorphic to a disc, so one can take its area and its perimeter (the measure of its boundary).
it would be also very usefull if there mentioned the pages in the books in bibliography where the reader can find more about.

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