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side, vertex, vertices, simple polygon, side-lines, ray, simple way, way, region, convex region, Jordan polygon, angles of a polygon,plane polygon, broken line
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Although Mathprof has adopted and edited this entry so that the concepts are mathematically precise, I am concerned about the accessibility of this entry to non-mathematicians. The term "polygon" is one that people encounter very early on and thus, in my opinion, should have an entry that gives basic information about polygons that are both mathematically precise and accessible to the general population.

Also, I am pretty sure that this entry went up for adoption due to the fact that terms such as "interior angle" and "exterior angle" are difficult to define in a mathematically precise way. Nevertheless, these terms (along with "angle sum") are commonly used and should appear somewhere in PM.

I have been toying with creating another polygon entry which is meant for people who do not have the mathematical background that is necessary to understand the bulk of the content of the current entry. Before doing this, I wanted to get other people's opinions on this matter.

You have a very good thought -- please write a understandable definition of polygon!

While I think it's a good idea for there to be another entry on polygon which anyone with a high school education can understand, it wouldn't hurt for this entry to have a diagram or two. In fact, it would be nice for the two entries to have the same pictures.

As for the canonical name, you could do what Anton did the simple entry about length.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this, but I plan on finally adding a polygon entry as described in previous posts some time this weekend. Of course, as I want it to be an entry that virtually anyone can read, there will be pictures (pretty pictures I hope!).

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