Let M be a subset of n such that for every point pM there exists a neighbourhood Up of p in n and a continuously differentiable function ρ:U with gradρ0 on U, such that


Then M is called a hypersurface.

If ρ is in fact smooth then M is a smooth hypersurface and similarly if ρ is real analytic then M is a real analytic hypersurface. If we identify 2n with n and we have a hypersurface there it is called a real hypersurface in n. ρ is usually called the local defining function. Hypersurface is really special name for a submanifoldMathworldPlanetmath of codimension 1. In fact if M is just a topological manifoldMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath of codimension 1, then it is often also called a hypersurface.

A real (http://planetmath.org/RealAnalyticSubvariety) or complex analytic subvariety of codimension 1 (the zero setPlanetmathPlanetmath of a real or complex analytic function) is called a singular hypersurface. That is the definition is the same as above, but we do not require gradρ0. Note that some authors leave out the word singular and then use non-singular hypersurface for a hypersurface which is also a manifold. Some authors use the word hypervariety to describe a singular hypersurface.

An example of a hypersurface is the hypersphere (of radius 1 for simplicity) which has the defining equation


Another example of a hypersurface would be the boundary of a domain in n with smooth boundary.

An example of a singular hypersurface in 2 is for example the zero set of ρ(x1,x2)=x1x2 which is really just the two axis. Note that this hypersurface fails to be a manifold at the origin.


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