(PA) is the restrictionPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath of Peano’s axioms to a first order theory of . The only change is that the induction axiomMathworldPlanetmath is replaced by inductionMathworldPlanetmath restricted to arithmetic formulas:

ϕ(0)x(ϕ(x)ϕ(x))xϕ(x))where ϕ is arithmetical

Note that this replaces the single, second-order, axiom of induction with a countably infiniteMathworldPlanetmath schema of axioms.

Appropriate axioms defining +, , and < are included. A full list of the axioms of PA looks like this (although the exact list of axioms varies somewhat from source to source):

  • x(x0) (0 is the first number)

  • x,y(x=yx=y) (the successor function is one-to-one)

  • x(x+0=x) (0 is the additive identity)

  • x,y(x+y=(x+y)) (additionPlanetmathPlanetmath is the repeated application of the successor function)

  • x(x0=0)

  • x,y(x(y)=xy+x) (multiplication is repeated addition)

  • x(¬(x<0)) (0 is the smallest number)

  • x,y(x<yx<yx=y)

  • ϕ(0)x(ϕ(x)ϕ(x))xϕ(x))where ϕ is arithmetical

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