Borel morphism

Definition 0.1.

Let 𝔾B and 𝔾B* be two groupoidsPlanetmathPlanetmath whose object spaces are Borel. An algebraic morphism from 𝔾B to 𝔾B* is defined as a left action of 𝔾B on 𝔾B* which commutes with the multiplication on 𝔾B. Such an algebraic morphism between Borel groupoids is said to be a Borel morphism if the action of 𝔾B on 𝔾B* is Borel (viz. ref. [1])


  • 1 M.R. Buneci. 2006., C*-Algebras., Surveys in Mathematics and its Applications, Volume 1: 71–98.
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