compact quantum group

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A compact quantum group, QCG is defined as a particular case of a locally compact quantum groupPlanetmathPlanetmath QLCG, that is, a quadruple (A,Δ,μ,ν), where A is either a C*– or a W*algebraPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath equipped with a co-associative comultiplication ( Δ:AAA, and two faithfulPlanetmathPlanetmath semi-finite normal weights, μ and ν –right and -left Haar measures, and also when the object space 𝐎 of the latter QLCG is replaced by a compact topological space QCGT, instead of being a locally compact topological space like QLCG.


  • 1 A. Maes, and A. VanDaele. 1998. on Compact Quantum Groups.,, 43 pp.
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