divisor theory in finite extension

Theorem.  Let the integral domainMathworldPlanetmath π’ͺ, with the quotient field k, have the divisor theory  π’ͺ*→𝔇, determined (see divisors and exponents) by the exponent (http://planetmath.org/ExponentValuation2) system N0 of k.  If K/k is a finite extensionMathworldPlanetmath, then the exponent system N, consisting of the continuations (http://planetmath.org/ContinuationOfExponent) of all exponents in N0 to the field K, determines the divisor theory of the integral closureMathworldPlanetmath of π’ͺ in K.

Corollary.  In the ring of integers π’ͺ of any algebraic number fieldMathworldPlanetmath β„šβ’(Ο‘), there is a divisor theory π’ͺ*→𝔇, determined by the set of all exponent valuations of β„šβ’(Ο‘).


  • 1 S. Borewicz & I. Safarevic: Zahlentheorie.  BirkhΓ€user Verlag. Basel und Stuttgart (1966).
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