normed algebra

A ring A is said to be a normed ring if A possesses a norm , that is, a non-negative real-valued function :A such that for any a,bA,

  1. 1.

    a=0 iff a=0,

  2. 2.


  3. 3.

    -a=a, and

  4. 4.



  • If A contains the multiplicative identityPlanetmathPlanetmath 1, then 0<111 and so 11.

  • However, it is usually required that in a normed ring, 1=1.

  • defines a metric d on A given by d(a,b)=a-b, so that A with d is a metric space and one can set up a topologyMathworldPlanetmath on A by defining its subbasis a collection of B(a,r):={xAd(a,x)<r} called open balls for any aA and r>0. With this definition, it is easy to see that is continuous.

  • Given a sequence {an} of elements in A, we say that a is a limit pointPlanetmathPlanetmath of {an}, if


    By the triangle inequalityPlanetmathPlanetmath, a, if it exists, is unique, and so we also write

  • In addition, the last condition ensures that the ring multiplication is continuous.

An algebra A over a field k is said to be a normed algebra if

  1. 1.

    A is a normed ring with norm ,

  2. 2.

    k is equipped with a valuationMathworldPlanetmath ||, and

  3. 3.

    αa=|α|a for any αk and aA.


  • Alternatively, a normed algebra A can be defined as a normed vector spacePlanetmathPlanetmath with a multiplication defined on A such that multiplication is continuous with respect to the norm .

  • Typically, k is either the reals or the complex numbersMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath , and A is called a real normed algebra or a complex normed algebra correspondingly.

  • A normed algebra that is completePlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmathPlanetmath with respect to the norm is called Banach algebraMathworldPlanetmath (the underlying field must be complete and algebraically closedMathworldPlanetmath), paralleling with the analogy with a Banach spaceMathworldPlanetmath versus a normed vector space.

  • Normed rings and normed algebras are special cases of the more general notions of a topological ring and a topological algebra, the latter of which is defined as a topological ring over a field such that the scalar multiplication is continuous.


  • 1 M. A. Naimark: Normed Rings, Noordhoff, (1959).
  • 2 C. E. Rickart: General Theory of Banach Algebras, Van Nostrand, 1960.
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