Given a finite setMathworldPlanetmath X={a1,a2,,an}, a transpositionMathworldPlanetmath is a permutationMathworldPlanetmath (bijective function of X onto itself) f such that there exist indices i,j such that f(ai)=aj, f(aj)=ai and f(ak)=ak for all other indices k. This is often denoted (in the cycle notation) as (a,b).

Example: If X={a,b,c,d,e} the function σ given by

σ(a) = a
σ(b) = e
σ(c) = c
σ(d) = d
σ(e) = b

is a transposition.

One of the main results on symmetric groupsMathworldPlanetmathPlanetmath states that any permutation can be expressed as compositionMathworldPlanetmath (productPlanetmathPlanetmath) of transpositions, and for any two decompositions of a given permutation, the number of transpositions is always even or always odd.

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