Feller process

Let E be a LCCB space (locally compact with a countable base; usually a subset of n for some n) and C0(E)=C0(E,) be the space of continuous functionsMathworldPlanetmath on E that vanish at infinity. (We may write C0 as shorthand.) A Feller semigroup on C0(E) is a family of positivePlanetmathPlanetmath linear operators Tt,t0, on C0(E) such that

  • T0=Id and ||Tt||1 for every tT, i.e. {Tt}tT is a family of contracting maps;

  • Tt+s=TtTs (the semigroup property);

  • limt0||Ttf-f||=0 for every fC0(E).

A probability transition function associated with a Feller semigroup is called a Feller transition function. A Markov process having a Feller transition function is called a Feller process.


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